Celebrating 16 Years of Clinic and Practice Management Software.

By continually improving and evolving we can adapt to the latest technologies quickly. Since our conception in 2006 PracticePal continues to deliver outstanding functionality and value for money.

PracticePal is not just a web-based PMS (Practice Management Software) suite that runs on all browsers, it is also accompanied by in-app software versions for the three major mobile platform providers.

Our PMS platform will endeavour to ensure that your practice, patient and clinical data is always fully accessible. Choose the device to use and work freely whilst on the move. You are provided with all the relevant management tools needed to fully operate all areas of your practice or clinic from a single location.

Our comprehensive software solution handles billing, scheduling management, an online booking software solution is available. Other tools include recall, clinic notes for charting and logging patient information as well as reporting on daily activities and procedures being carried out across your clinics

We provide a fully customisable software suite which means that it can be as simple or advanced as you would like. A turnkey solution for all your practice needs. With thousands of users worldwide and those 16 years of experience, reliability, and 100% availability, we’re the one to trust.

Full clinic and patient management

PracticePal boasts an extremely comprehensive set of core functions, but we have also integrated with many other popular systems allowing you link your PracticePal account to a raft of professional services such as Google Drive/Docs, Mailchimp, Xero, Stripe, Healthcode etc..

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  • Scheduling

    Simple to use and modelled on the Google Calendar, the appointment diary supports single day, multi-day, monthly, Agenda and multiple practitioner views as well as multiple clinic locations.
  • Online booking portal

    Allowing your patients to register, book, cancel, fill forms in and even pay deposits or the whole amount, without any interaction from you, all in a very controlled and secure manner whereby they never see your actual diary and you have lots of control over who can book and much more.

A full set of tools

Practice Pal allows for users to log simple SOAP text notes, insert and annotate charts or create custom medical questionnaire forms with ease. This function allows you to customise and track a large database of files which are stored chronologically and protected by full auditing, detailing who made changes and when.

  • Clinic Notes

    Insert and annotate charts or use our built-in medical questionnaire forms, or design your own from scratch.

  • Marketing

    Create marketing mail-out campaigns by Letter, SMS, or MailChimp. Design your own templates for these mail-outs within PracticePal.

  • Practice Income

    A comprehensive income module allows you to define appointment fees, raise invoices, take payments, raise patient credit notes and more.

  • Reports

    Select from a range of useful reports included in the system to analyse your clinic, break-down your appointments by practitioner, type and referrer and more.

  • Expenditure

    Log your expenditure, greatly reducing your time spent preparing quarterly and year-end accounts.

  • Recall

    An intelligent patient retention system that takes the burden out of trying to remember who needs a prompt to rebook and when.

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