Aesthetic Clinic Software

Like any healthcare service, an effective aesthetic clinic needs reliable software to help manage the numerous tasks the day to day entails. Managing new and existing clients, balancing payments, keeping track of appointments, and more — there’s a lot to keep on top of to ensure your aesthetic clinic runs smoothly.

The good news? PracticePal’s aesthetic clinic software is here to ensure exactly that.

Aesthetic clinic software made simple

Simplicity is at the heart of our software – we aim to help streamline your task management and completion in an easy and accessible way with our unique solutions. These include:

Booking & scheduling

Whether you’re an aesthetic, skincare, or plastic surgery clinic, keeping track of your clients and their appointments is paramount for success. PracticePal offers a robust booking and scheduling system that allows both you and your staff to create, amend, and cancel appointments at the touch of a button.

Aesthetics Booking System

Notes as simple or as complex as needed

We know that every aesthetic clinic patient is unique, so keeping an updated log ensures every patient gets the best care they can. 

Whether it’s simply having an easy way to keep notes during an appointment or creating medical questionnaires and graphs, PracticePal’s aesthetic clinic software ensures you can document as much or as little information as needed. 


Reports form the backbone of any functional clinic. Skincare clinics need to report on stock levels of their products, plastic surgery clinics need to report on open patient cases and all aesthetic clinics need to report on their incomes and outcomes.

PracticePal helps you do this – and more. Our reports system allows you to monitor and report on the things that matter to you and your clinic, ensuring better communication, better decision making, and a better overall view of how your clinic is operating.

Income & expenditure

A successful clinic owner needs to accurately monitor its income and expenditure regularly to ensure an accurate log of its incomings and outgoings, which is why PracticePal offers multiple features to help you do exactly that.

Our income module allows you to effortlessly edit and keep track of appointment fees and stock, while our expenditure module ensures keeping track of accounts and outgoings need not be a hassle.

Aesthetic clinic software: get your free trial today

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