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Focus on your patients, not the paperwork. Let the software do the work for you.

Running a successful alternative medicine clinic requires a good system to help you manage the treatments you administer to your patients, but also keep track of all your stock levels. After all, you want to focus on your patient’s health and well-being and make sure you can give them all your attention.

PracticePal for Alternative Medicine Clinics

PracticePal boasts a comprehensive and solid stock system that allows you to keep track of everything on sale at your clinic. Whether it is natural remedies or meditation accessories, you know when you need to reorder and which items are proving the most popular with your clientele.

PracticePal and Alternative Medicine

The Stock system in PracticePal is part of the financial income module and allows you to include every item you sell in the clinic. Stock items are categorised and you can define your stockable items, set the quantity at which you need to reorder, and keep track of how many you have sold.

A comprehensive Stocktake facility is included as well as the ability to move stock between your various locations. Run Stock reports and identify which items perform best.

Alternative Medicine Clinic Notes

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For more information on how our Alternative Medicine software can help your business, browse the full range of PracticePal features or try out our risk-free 14 – day free trial today. 

Want to know more about how our Alternative Medicine software can help your business? Explore the full range of features here or alternatively, why not try it out yourself risk-free with a complete 14-day free trial?





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