PracticePal for Chiropractors

Between juggling hundreds of clients, organising multiple appointments and handling meetings, a chiropractor has a lot to handle day in and day out. 

Keeping track of your chiropractic admin needn’t be difficult though. With PracticePal, chiropractors can take advantage of our easy to use chiropractic software, designed to put you in control to better manage and streamline your services.

An online booking system for chiropractors

As a chiropractor, knowing your availability, as well as when you have upcoming appointments for clients is vital when it comes to running a successful clinic.

That’s why PracticePal is equipped with its own online booking system. Specifically designed to help those in the medical field, such as chiropractors, the unique online booking platform gives you the tools you need to not only have a better overview of your upcoming appointments, but also to easily amend, remove or annotate quickly and at a click of a button. 

For those that are often on the move, we also offer PracticePal in the form of an appointment diary app, offering all the functionality of our desktop version but in a handy mobile app. 

Chiropractic Clinic Software

Personalised chiropractic management software

We know no two of your clients are the same, which is why PracticePal gives you the tools you need to add all the necessary notes, charts and questionnaires to each of your client’s appointments, ensuring you have all the vital information and stats for each client at your fingertips.

You can even insert your own images and annotate them accordingly, ensuring all important information for each client is kept secure and in one place. Periodic reviews within the chiropractic management software can also be set up to ensure you know when any client information may need to be updated.

Manage payments with our chiropractic clinic software

If keeping track of all your clients and appointments is difficult, then you’ll likely also know how stressful it can be to keep track of client payments. 

Alongside the online book system for chiropractors, PracticePal also offers the ability for chiropractors to request payment within the software itself. With the option to add a payment system to your website with a simple plugin, you’ll soon be able to not only receive your payments easier, but also better keep track of who has paid and which payments are still outstanding. 

Chiropractic software designed for you

For more information on how PracticePal can help you better manage your chiropractic clinic, book one of our completely free demos, or get in touch today. 





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