Clinic Software

Clinic software

We understand that when it comes to day-to-day work in a clinic, time management is crucial. Whether it’s booking or managing appointments, keeping a view on your schedule and group catch ups, these considerations can add unnecessary pressure and work to people in these vital sectors. 

At Practice Pal, we designed our software to help meet the needs of the patients, as well as helping to streamline and aid with a number of clinical services. 

How Practice Pal helps Clinics

Our online booking app provides an easy way for patients to book, cancel, and pay deposits for their clinic appointments. All of this is managed within the system itself without you having to input at all. 

Once booked, automatic, configurable reminders sent via text and email greatly help to reduce the number of no-shows. This easy to use booking system is designed to make it easy for both patients and staff to keep track of appointments, whilst saving staff the time needed to track this manually. 

For those who work within the clinic itself, Practice Pal also provides an easy to manage appointment diary which allows you to view and manage your time, with drag and drop simplicity. This syncs up with external calendars and allows for group bookings making it even easier to keep track of all your appointments within the one tool. 

As well as providing an extremely simple to use online booking service, Practice Pal can also streamline and enhance other common clinical actions such as note taking. Practice Pal also allows for users to log simple SOAP text notes, insert and annotate charts or create custom medical questionnaire forms with ease. This function allows you to customise and track a large database of files which are stored chronologically and protected by full auditing, detailing who made changes and when. 

This means that you can build your own medical dictionary, add annotations to any image, and link directly into online exercise software per patient within the tool itself. 

What are the benefits of clinic software?

Clinic software gives you a unique all in one system that allows for effective clinical workflows removing the need for bulky paper records, allowing you access to clinical data at the touch of a button. 

The biggest advantage of clinic software is the efficiency that these systems bring.  

Clinic management software improves the efficiency and productivity of the clinic by automating many of the otherwise manual systems. The software helps by streamlining every element of the practice. Some of which include: 

  • Scheduling
  • Online Booking
  • Clinic Notes
  • Marketing
  • Expenditure
  • Reports
  • Practice Income
  • Recall

Automating your clinics processes will inevitably save time for medical staff, and in turn increasing the effectiveness of your service.

Choosing the right clinic software 

Any medical clinic is only as good as it’s management, and that’s where clinic software really comes through. The extra level of help in organizing both patients and staff allows your team to better keep track of appointments, whilst saving staff their valuable time.

PracticePal software helps streamline and aid with a number of clinical services as well as meeting the unique needs of patients. 

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Our online system has been designed with the needs and requirements of clinical staff and their patients in mind – providing features that help to decrease time management time, and aiding in the management of calendars and important notes. Find out more about Practice Pal’s features, or contact us to find out more, or to book a free demo.





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