PracticePal Scheduler
Simple to use

Scheduling system

Simple to use and modelled on the Google Calendar, the appointment diary supports single day,  multi-day, monthly, Agenda and multiple practitioner views as well as multiple clinic locations. With drag and drop simplicity, cut and paste support, plus recurring bookings, group bookings for classes and a booking wizard – the diary is extremely easy to use displaying your business and available slots at a glance.

You can link your diary to our online booking app and allow your clients to book themselves.

We also support external diaries so that you can offer room sharing and rental agreements.

The diary automatically sends configurable reminders and confirmations via text and email at just the right time per booking, without you having to remember to, significantly reducing no-shows.

The diary also includes comprehensive patient tools allowing one-click functions such as sending communications and taking quick payments as well as a powerful task and messaging system making sure nothing slips through the net. It also supports adding new patients directly, complete with postcode lookup.

Online Booking Software

An extremely simple to use online booking app enhances your clinic services.

Allowing your patients to register, book, cancel and even pay deposits without any interaction from you, all in a very controlled and secure manner whereby they never see your actual diary and you have lots of control over who can book, how many appointments and how far ahead.

Insert a simple link into your existing website, decide how you want the online booking system to work, and that’s it, you’re off and running and immediately benefiting from e-commerce. Your new and existing patients will be taken to a secure and branded area on your behalf.

Link to your FREE Stripe account and you can even take advanced credit card deposits or full payment without any need for PCI DSS compliance or online merchant account fees. We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to!

You can embed the platform directly into your website with an iFrame, or by downloading our Online Booking WordPress plugin below.

PracticePal WordPress Plugin


Clinic Notes

As simple or detailed as you require.

Log simple SOAP text notes, insert and annotate charts or use our built-in medical questionnaire forms, or design your own from scratch. Our clinic notes system is so configurable that you can effectively design your own interface for how you would like to use it. All treatment notes are stored chronologically and protected by full auditing so that any changes are displayed next to the original, detailing who made the changes and when. A patient medication section can be set-up to force periodic reviews making sure this key information is always up-to-date.

Build-up your own medical dictionary allowing a simple code selection greatly increasing the speed and accuracy of your note-taking. Attach any image from any source and annotate these images as required such as x-rays or detailed digital photographs. Specify detailed information about each presenting condition including who referred your patients and when, injury codes, discharge information, and overall improvements. Link directly into on-line exercise software per patient with one button click.

Mail Marketing Campaign

Create marketing mail-out campaigns by Letter, SMS, or MailChimp.

Design your own templates for these mail-outs within PracticePal, select the patients/contacts that you would like to receive the mail-out using a powerful query engine, and then execute the mail-out to print or email or text either directly from PracticePal or use the database file automatically generated with the mail-out to use a different marketing tool altogether.

In addition, you can link to your MailChimp account to see all your MailChimp campaigns and success statistics within PracticePal as well as create recipient filters directly in PracticePal for a MailChimp campaign.

All communication is automatically logged against each patient’s record, allowing you to see a full history of all communication and then, if need be, exclude patients who have recently had some communication from you from a mail-out, or include patients that have not heard from you in a while.

All mail-outs are stored so that you can see when they were created and last run, and the number of recipients they targeted. You can re-run mail-outs whenever you like with just one button click.

Practice Income

A comprehensive income module allows you to define appointment fees which are then automatically raised while making bookings, as well as raise any other type of fee and sale.

You can add to these fees, raise invoices, take payments, raise patient credit notes, sell vouchers, take full or part payments, print and email invoices and receipts. You can also manage 3rd party invoices such as insurance patients.

This is then complemented by a stock system allowing you to set up all stockable and non-stockable items and fees that you charge and sell, including retail and wholesale prices, re-order levels and supplier information. Manual adjustments can then be made as well as full periodic stock takes, all supporting bar-code scanner technology and thermal receipt printing, including bar-code label printing complete with your logo and item pricing. This stock module fully supports multi-clinic locations.

A range of sales, income, invoicing and stock reports are provided, including income by practitioner reports, all of which can be run for any period and by clinic location or as a whole.



Select from a range of useful reports included in the system to analyse your clinic income, operate your customer invoicing, report on your open patient cases and medical conditions, break-down your appointments by practitioner, type and referrer, run detailed stock reports showing current and lost value by number, wholesale and retail, and analyse searchable audit logs detailing exactly who did what, when and where…and much more

All reports within the system can be run for a period, for a particular clinic or for all as a whole and can be generated directly within PracticePal as a PDF document allowing you to search, print, email and save them, or they can all be exported directly into Excel.

As well as providing a very comprehensive range of reports within the system that our customers have asked for over the years, we also have a bespoke report writing service so that if you did have any extra report requirements not already included in the system, we can also cater for these.


An intelligent patient retention system that takes the burden out of trying to remember who needs a prompt to rebook and when.

This increases your future diary appointments maximising your business potential without overloading clients with mass mail-outs.

As you see your patients, just click when you want to see them again, and only if they do not make a booking, on or around that time, the recall system will automatically pick them up and remind them via letter, email or text, and will keep doing so for as long as you tell it to.



As well as logging all your practice income you can also log your expenditure, greatly reducing your time spent preparing quarterly and year-end accounts.

Define your own VAT groups and then expenditure groups exactly as your accounting system requires, and then run reports separating out reclaimable from non-reclaimable costs all grouped by cost code. You can also filter these expenditure items by when they were logged, who logged them, how they were paid for and by suppliers.


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