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Variety of Clinical Charts

Logging SOAP (Subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes, inserting and annotating charts, generating surveys and questionnaires, designing custom forms and other various types of forms couldn’t be easier within our built-in treatment notes system. Overall clinic notes is fully configurable providing the tools to effectively design custom interfaces in a way that completely suits you.

All treatment notes are stored chronologically and protected with the full auditing service that is provided; all alterations are displayed next to the original and detail exactly when, who and what changes have been made providing full traceability. The patient medication section can be set-up to force periodic reviews ensuring relevant information is both constantly monitored and up-to-date.

Build a medical dictionary allowing simple code selection increasing speed and accuracy of clinic note-taking. Attach images and charts from a variety of sources with ease, annotate these attachments where required. For example, with X-rays or detailed digital photographs. Provide specificity and detailed information about each presenting condition including who referred the patient and when, injury codes, discharge information and overall improvements. Link directly to on-line exercise software for patient with one button click.

Logged Clinic Notes

Compatible on a device
of your choosing

Clinic Notes and Charts

Easily type or even write notes onto charts

Shorthand Notes

Utilise shorthand’s symbols for additional detail

Adding Clinical Photos

Add photos directly from device in use with ease

Clinic Charts

Access charts on the move, basically anywhere with an internet

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