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Marketing Tools

Campaign and Marketing Email

Generate marketing campaigns with our various tools such as by mail-out, SMS or Mailchimp integration.

For a business to succeed well it is important to utilise digital marketing strategies. It is common for healthcare professionals to have busy schedules so marketing that saves you time is particularly crucial. By providing these tools you can build effective marketing quickly. Automating these marketing processes will offer you more time to work with the patients.

Mailchimp integration

We’ve integrated with MailChimp to allow you to design responsive, mobile-ready email templates for your PracticePal mail-outs. Keep up to date with the powerful MailChimp engagement analytics, filtering and reports. Ensure customer retention by easily sending out offers on your products and news about your business.

MailChimp Integration
Target Audiences via Text and Email


Easily target groups of patients by text or email generating repeat business using advanced query engine tool.

Integrated with MailChimp

Mailchimp Integration

Integrate directly with MailChimp and design templates for great looking mail-outs. Continuously target, create and update audiences. Monitoring statistics, generate recipient filters or tags.

Customer Retention Tools


Encourage customer relationships by sending tailored groups reminders of new offers and product launches.

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