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Online Booking Portal Dashboard

A clear and concise simple to use online booking portal will enhance your clinic services.

An accessible online booking system that is both reliable and available across the variety of platforms in use today is essential for both patient retention and competitive enhancement. We do this by providing patients with the ability to register, book, form-filling and cancel appointments with ease. Linking up with a free Stripe account means that payments can be successfully received whether advanced credit card deposits or full payment without any need for PCI DSS compliance or online merchant account fees.

The online booking portal is fully customisable so we are able to offer high levels of control and security. So it is easy to specify exactly what you would like to present to your customers such as hiding the actual diary and having full control over who can book.

Easy online booking portal website integration

Many practices choose to link the portal directly into their existing web presence. It is a very quick and easy process to get you up and running and immediately benefiting from the E-commerce solution.

We offer seamless ongoing support and the portal can be branded easily on your behalf ready for your new and existing patients to use.

Embedded Online Booking System

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