Recall Management
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Recall Tools to improve customer retention

Recall notification has a direct influence on patient satisfaction and can be a very tentative area; managing the recall or notification process efficiently is vital.

With the sophisticated recall automation system we provide it’s simple to build multi-channel recalls for email, letters and SMS. Walkthrough features offer a step-by-step procedure for handling patient appointments. Postcode look-up is available to accompany data entry and address validation. Standard templating for letters and labels can be easily produced quickly. Having an intelligent business retention system removes the burden of continually being prompted to rebook. Recall will inevitably increase your future diary appointments maximising your business potential without overloading clients with mass mail-outs.

The flexible patient recall options allow customised reminders to be produced for different categories and options. As you see your patients just click when you want to see them again; if no booking is made around a specified period then recall will automatically pick them up and remind them via communication of your choosing. The process will then continue until you make changes.

A comprehensive historical record of all correspondence is kept and maintained at all times.

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