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Scheduling system

The PracticePal scheduler is a fully featured booking calendar equipped with many of the features healthcare professionals have come to expect from a good clinic booking scheduler system, providing those common necessary tools needed to perform their daily tasks to support the practice with relative simplicity. It facilitates easy resource scheduling and the rescheduling of bookings complete with available slot setup system as well as editor pop-ups, drag and drop and cut-and-paste options.

Intuitive flexible scheduler view modes provided include single day,
multi-day, week, work-week, monthly, custom and agenda with other view specific options such as multiple practitioners and multiple clinic

Other features include repeat bookings, group booking facility for
classes complete with booking wizard as well as fully integrated online booking system allowing patients to make their own bookings
independently once diaries are setup with available slots.

External diaries are also supported for tasks such as the offering of
room sharing and rental agreements.

Scheduler & Reminders

The scheduler automatically sends configurable reminders and confirmations via a method of your choosing like text and email at just the right time per booking to suit your needs, without you having to remember to manually perform these tasks, this process will significantly reduce no-shows.

The diary also includes other comprehensive tools such as create breaks and handling booking conflicts; allowing one-click functions such as sending communications and taking quick payments. Built-in powerful task and messaging system making sure nothing slips through the net.

Adding new patients directly, complete with postcode lookup is also fully supported.

Business Management Email Reminders

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