On 25th May 2018 the new EU GDPR regulations officially become enforceable. The regulations will be put in place regardless of  Brexit negotiations, and we are aware of the huge effect this will have on PracticePal as a product, as a product provider, and on our customers.

We started investigating the new regulations in September 2017, and have been actively working with our staff and a number of advisors to gain a full understanding of the implications, and create a number of action plans for what we will be doing to ensure we are compliant with GDPR, pre May 25th. We also hope to offer as much support as possible to our customer base in providing their own GDPR compliance.

Please note that we will advise our user where possible, and provide tools, where possible, to enable GDPR compliance to our users, our role as the data processors is standalone, meaning the data controllers (software users) will need to manage their own internal investigations in line with GDPR, as to ensure their compliance.

Our internal policy document on what we’re doing to comply with GDPR is available to all existing customers, on request, or can be found via the internal help system.