Multi-Discipline Clinic Software

It is essential for a busy multi-discipline clinic to have the ability to quickly identify the correct discipline to make appointments with the correct practitioner. To that end the diary is essential.

PracticePal for Multi-Discipline Clinics

Managing a busy diary in a multi-discipline clinic involves juggling many practitioners’ diaries. It is therefore essential to make it as easy as possible for the receptionists and appointment teams. Having to remember who does what is not an option.

The PracticePal diary is extremely user-friendly and easy to set up. It provides many different configurations and display options. You can filter by practitioner’s role or by practitioner’s discipline. And if this is not enough, we have developed a booking wizard that efficiently filters down to your exact requirements to find the next available slot in the diary.

PracticePal and Multi-discipline clinics

The PracticePal diary is probably the most advanced and customisable on the market. For a multi-discipline clinic, this is essential. As well as being perfectly suited to the multi-discipline clinic, PracticePal caters to multi-location clinics. 

You can display the diary by Staff or by location. You can filter on part-time or full-time staff members and you can also filter the diary by discipline, essential for a multi-discipline clinic.

Our booking wizard makes finding an available slot in a busy diary a real cinch. Choose your clinic location, and the type of appointment required, then select one or several practitioners that are authorised to perform these treatments and immediately see the available slots for each selected practitioner. It could not be easier or quicker.

Multi-discipline software designed for you

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