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2021 And The COVID-19 Vaccine: What Does This Mean For Clinic Software?

It’s been a year we’d all love to put behind us, with so many changes and upheavals in daily life since February we’ve had to adjust how we work and socialise like never before. With successive lockdowns and tier systems in place, GP surgeries closed and Nightingale hospitals built, there’s never quite been a time like this. 

However, the positive news is that thanks to billions thrown at vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer and Moderna a vaccine has been developed in a record amount of time. As the rollout continues to pick up, hospitals, surgeries and clinics will become vaccination hubs to assist in this. However, the need to keep track and manage the millions of people needing the vaccine cannot solely be done manually, which is why many are now seeking the best clinic software to monitor this and keep track of the process efficiently. 

Superior software is therefore needed to keep on top of the millions of vaccines which are going to be carried out in this year, so let’s take a look at some of the main features and benefits of software for clinics. 

Creating schedules

A simple calendar built-in will help practitioners and receptionists book a large number of appointments with ease, showing how much capacity you have and matching this across multiple locations for local practice groups. The diary can then link to an online app for making bookings, so patients can choose a time and day that suits them within a certain timeframe, making it more likely that appointments will not be missed. What’s more, this specialist clinic software can send out text or email reminders the day before or the morning of the vaccination. 

Making notes

GPs know that every patient is unique, and with the new vaccines being rolled out we already know that certain groups should not take it, such as women who are pregnant or those who already have severe allergic reactions. 

The notes section of the software is imperative for ensuring correct information is taken from patients and recorded and stored accurately. For example, the software could be used to add a note if the patient displays any immediate side effects from the vaccine, or if the person has already suffered from a COVID-19 infection already.

Marketing abilities

With many forms of clinic software, you can send out a quick email or text message to thousands of people simultaneously. This could be to tell all of your registered patients that your clinic has received the vaccine and you are ready to begin rollout. You can set certain filters also that ensure only those eligible, such as in a specific age range, receive the communication.

If your clinic is looking for the best solution for software during 2021’s vaccination program, then get in touch with Practice Pal today and see how we can assist. With state-of-the-art software to cover a wide range of clinic needs, we know exactly what it takes to keep your practice running smoothly.

What does COVID mean to Clinic Software?