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New Portal development

We are very pleased to announce that our new portal development has been launched on Monday the 13th of July. This new feature allows you to request patients to fill in consent forms and questionnaires online using the online booking portal. You can now select the relevant forms per patient and notify the patient that the forms are waiting for them to fill in. Once the patient has filled in the forms, these are stored on the patient record on the new portal tab.

We have also added a registration form on the online booking registration. If a registration form is selected, it is mandatory for any new registration on the online booking portal. We hope this will help with the reopening of clinics in these difficult times. This is the first version and we are planning to add to this. If you have any feedback, please email us on If you want to read more about this new development, please visit the knowledge base on PracticePal and search for Portal and Mandatory Registration form. 


Clinic online booking feature