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Why You Should Pick PracticePal As Your Clinical Software

Any healthcare service will be aware of the importance of good practice management software. 

It allows you to take care of the day-to-day details safely and efficiently, providing you and your staff with more time to dedicate to the patients and services.

Finding the right clinical software requires you to scout out a service that is suited to your needs and able to cover the basics of management and scheduling. Learn why PracticePal is right for you with this guide.

Superior scheduling for consistent care

A clear booking process is vital to the smooth running of any clinic, but it’s a service that can let even skilled practitioners down. PracticePal online practice management software ensures you never have to lose a booking, or a patient, due to diary mishaps.

The PracticePal clinic booking software provides a space for clients to register, book, and cancel, synched to your diary but with availability controlled by you. 

“The system is powerful and easy to use and allows us to provide a diary management and appointment booking service for Medical Practices. We have secure access to their appointment diaries and it means they can focus on delivering patient treatment.” – MyRuby

For therapy and counselling appointments, this easy, zero interaction booking can reduce the risk of stressful scheduling resulting in no-shows. The regular booking features can also encourage return patients. Find out more about the benefits for counselling and therapy here.

Advanced note-taking provides adaptable communication

With PracticePal clinic notes, you have the ability to log simple notes, or create complex charts designed around your practice. The build-your-own online system is entirely adaptable, with full auditing tracking who made which note and when, and code selection for clear reporting.

“PracticePal is a great addition to any clinic. It’s simple to use and extremely cost effective. It has integrated itself into the running of our clinic seamlessly.” – Jimmy Michael, Osteon

Better client notes can allow each member of the team to remain up to date with patient care. Thanks to the attached image feature, podiatrists and chiropodists can upload annotated x-rays alongside the most recent patient notes, providing a complete picture of current care needs. Find out more about how your podiatry practice can benefit here.

Better patient outreach

The PracticePal mail marketing campaign, which integrates with MailChimp, allows for improved communication with patients and would-be patients. Build your own templates for campaigns linked to your patient database, and view the success of past campaigns within the PracticePal software. 

PracticePal also features a recall system, to engage with patients who have yet to make another booking. Precise targeting reduces the risk of overloading clients, so they’re more likely to respond to communications. Repeat service is a foundation of physiotherapy, and with the PracticePal patient outreach mail, you can provide consistent care with minimal booking stress. Learn how PracticePal can benefit physiotherapists here.

Stay on top of finance and stock levels

Knowing incomings, outgoings, and stock on hand is essential to the successful running of a clinic. However, keeping track of these details is an extra job on top of an already busy workload. 

“PracticePal made it very easy to move to centralised, online, paperless management of the clinic. We were able to offer online appointment booking for the first time. Stock taking became simple. The clinic can now be managed from a mobile on a train!” – Jonathan Nish, 1st Contact

PracticePal reporting provides comprehensive data services, from stock reports to expenditure, to understand how your practice is operating.

An aesthetic clinic can’t perform without stock, and the PracticePal reporting ensures you never have to let a client down. Use the PracticePal bespoke report writing service to create a system that caters to your exact needs. Discover how PracticePal can benefit your aesthetic clinic here

Complete control at a lower cost

Choose PracticePal for your clinic booking software — a solution that’s sympathetic to the needs of both client and staff. Efficiently run and easy to understand, PracticePal can fit into your budget and easily adapt to your practice’s needs. Register for a trial today.

Practice Management Software Demonstration