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We understand that providing an efficient, helpful service is essential in the world of physiotherapy, as with many other clinical service sectors. People are often reliant on their physiotherapy to improve and support their quality of life – which highlights how important it is to make sure that they can access these services quickly and easily. 

PracticePal is on hand to help you make sure that your physiotherapy practices meet the needs of your patients, as well as supporting your team in their line of work. 

PracticePal and Physiotherapy

Our online booking app offers a simple way to enhance your physiotherapy services, allowing patients to register, book, cancel and even pay deposits without you having to input at all. 

As a practice, you can set limitations over who can book and how far ahead, as well as setting parameters that work for your diary. Plus, with integration options for your existing website, our online booking system is designed to work for you – requiring little additional work.

If your physiotherapy clinic accepts paid patients, then we can help with your payment system too. Link to your FREE Stripe account and you’re able to take advanced credit card deposits, or even accept full payment for physiotherapy sessions – without any need for PCI DSS compliance or online merchant account fees. 

We’re committed to making it easier than ever to run manage a quality physiotherapy practice; dealing with all of the behind the scenes elements and allowing you to focus on offering an unbeatable service to your physiotherapy patients.

Let us help 

Our 100% web-based system has been serving the needs of clinics and individual practitioners in many sectors since its inception, with physiotherapists being just one area that can benefit from our ground-breaking product. Find out more about PracticePal’s features, or contact us to find out more, or to book a free demo. 





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