PracticePal for Podiatrists

A thriving podiatry practice relies on a professional and friendly service – allowing your experienced and knowledgeable team to support patients in their personal requirements. 

With that in mind, we know that giving podiatrist or chiropodists the space to focus on their patients is paramount to success. Which is where PracticePal can help. 

PracticePal is a tool that can help to make running your practice simpler – from booking appointments to taking payments and storing treatment notes. Fully customisable, with the ability to integrate it into your current website, PracticePal is your podiatry practice’s new best friend. 

PracticePal and Podiatry

The PracticePal offering consists of a web-based management system and a smartphone app, both of which can work in conjunction with each other to offer a seamless experience – both for you and your team, and your patients. 

Let your patients book appointments online, from a schedule that you’ve pre-set to work with your diary. Plus, you can integrate our online booking system with your current podiatry services website, meaning there’s no costly dev requirement or the need to invest in a whole new website. 

If you take payments, then your patients can do that independently through our platform too. Link to your FREE Stripe account and take advanced credit card deposits or accept full payment for podiatry appointments – without the need to worry about PCI DSS compliance or online merchant account fees. 

We take care of all of the details for you so that you can focus on your patients and their needs. You can even export reports to help you keep track of how things are going – from customer invoicing to appointments by practitioner.

Let us help 

Our web-based management system and app have been helping podiatrists run their business with ease, and we can help you too. Find out more about PracticePal’s features, or contact us to book a free demo. 





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