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Any therapist or counsellor will know that keeping track of patient progress is vital for success. Between managing appointments, updating patients with important information, and collecting payments, more and more therapists and counsellors are turning to practice management software for help in the running of their clinic or practice.

With so many features available through therapy clinic software, though, it’s no surprise – and PracticePal is no different. Our comprehensive and easy to use counselling and therapy software helps save you both time and money – allowing you to focus on the more important things.

An all-in-one counselling & therapy software solution

PracticePal’s software offers a complete solution to your management needs, including: 

Therapy scheduling software

Effective scheduling of appointments is the backbone of any effective therapy or counselling clinic. A succinct overview of appointments, as well as an easy way to amend and cancel them, ensures appointments run effectively, reducing no-shows and encouraging regular check-ins and updates with patients.

Our counselling appointment scheduling software even offers portability in the form of a handy mobile app, allowing professionals to manage their appointments on the go too. 

Clinic notes

Any successful therapy or counselling session relies on quick and accurate note-taking to better understand the patient and ensure they get the best help possible.

Keeping track of this information is not always simple but our counselling notes software allows users to add text, images, diagrams, questionnaires, and more alongside each patient file.

What’s more, with PracticePal, you can rest assured your patient’s information is kept secure. Any and all information is encrypted, plus multiple password protection principles ensure only those authorised can access confidential information. 


You want what’s best for your patients, and ensuring regular check-ins through therapy software ensures they get the best support possible. 

Our recall system helps save time by allowing you to easily send out letters, emails and texts to patients for new appointment dates, appointment reminders, or any other important information that needs to be sent over.

Regular check-ins allow patients to easily rebook with you for routine appointments, and if any amends need to be made, they can be with a click of a button. 

Income & expenditure

Our therapy and counselling software also comes with several income and expenditure tools to help you keep track of your daily, monthly or even yearly expenses. 

Greatly reduce time spent preparing accounts, giving you more time to focus on your patients and giving them the support they need.

Therapy & counselling software – get your free trial today

For more information on how our therapy and counselling software can help your business, browse the full range of PracticePal features or try out our risk-free 14 – day free trial today. 

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